Whittling Words – Scolpire parole di Karen Elaine Whittle

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“It’s not easy to find someone who manages to understand the things we write and translate them in a suitable way. All in all, in many years of experience, you’re perhaps the first person who we’ve really been satisfied with.”

Prof. Camilla Perrone
Department of Architecture, University of Florence

“I hereby certify, without a shadow of a doubt, Ms Whittle’s precise, in-depth and meticulous professionalism, as well as her refined capacity to understand texts of a pedagogical, sociological and philosophical nature, and her ability to render them in flowing translations that can be used both by academics and the wider public. (Thanks to the high level of linguistic rigour and flexible interpretation shown by Ms Whittle we have been able to present her translations of essays and books […] in international academic contexts.)”

Prof. Vanna Boffo
Department of Education, Languages, Intercultural Studies, Literature and Psychology, University of Florence

“[…] Karen Whittle has given further proof of more specific professional (philosophical and sociological) skills as well as conceptual rigour.”

Prof. Elena Pulcini
Professor of Social Philosophy, Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Florence

“Many thanks for your work, performed as accurately (and quickly) as ever.”

Prof. Giancarlo Paba
Formerly of the Department of Architecture, University of Florence

“Thanks for the excellent work.”

Dr. Mario Caricchio
Firenze University Press

“Excellent and clear translation.”

Prof.ssa Nadia Urbinati
Department of Political Science, Columbia University

“Your translation, including the most technical terms, was perfect.”

Nicola Sciclone
IRPET, Regional Institute for Economic Planning of Tuscany

“The translation is very beautiful, and also very faithful.”

Prof. Simonetta Soldani
Formerly of the Department of History, University of Florence

“Well done for the fine translation of an Italian text that was by no means easy!”

International Service

“Thanks for the rapidity and the quality of the translation.”

Help Service
Santa Croce sull’Arno, Pisa

“If this book is comprehensible, this is because of Karen Whittle’s immense effort in turning my ponderous English phrases laden with long Russian periods […] into a readable and clear text […]. It was a privilege and a pleasure to work with Karen, and I am most grateful for her thoroughness and professionalism.”

Dr Ekaterina Nechaeva
For the revision of Embassies – Negotiations – Gifts. Systems of East Roman Diplomacy in Late Antiquity.

“Thank you for the time and the great skill and attention you devoted to this job. If the project has a chance of success, it’ll also be due to you.”

Prof. Simone Venturini
Department of Humanities and Cultural Heritage Studies, University of Udine

“Good sensitive revision, thanks to the language editor.”

Dr. Franck Düvell
Senior Researcher, Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS), University of Oxford

“I’m absolutely satisfied, particularly with the dedication shown in wanting to render in English the sense of concepts thought in Italian.”

Dr. Leonardo Fei
Careggi University Hospital, Florence

“Thank you so much for the excellent work you have done!”

Dr Heleni Poryfriou
Italian National Research Centre (CNR), on the revision of the collective volume Waterfronts.